sdfdsdddIn our society we have different people who have different kinds of characters, behaviors and illnesses among others. Many people in our societies snore. Snoring is the vigorous vibration of the respiratory organs and the loud sound is caused by some air that is blocked during breathing while sleeping. Snoring is normal but can become abnormal if someone snores frequently. Snoring is a problem that can be observed in our wives, husbands, friends, children, brothers and sisters. Snoring is a condition that can make every person in the family very uncomfortable when sleeping. There is evidence that snoring can lead to marriage breakups in some cases if it’s not well controlled. From the Dictionary snoring can be defined as the act of producing large noises during ones sleep. The sounds are normally undefined and very weird.

When you want to control snoring, you should first ensure that you find the real factor that is making you or your partner to snore. This will help you greatly when you will be finding the cure. There are different factors that leads to snoring and these factors vary from one person to another and this why it is recommended to first understand fully the cause of your snoring. Snoring is a very common problem that is can be experienced by any person-either adults or children. In the United States it is a problem that affects approximately 80 million adults. Some people argue that the problem is mainly observed in many men than in women but there is no scientific proof. Snoring normally happens when you can’t move air freely through your mouth and nose during sleep. It is mainly caused by a narrowed throat that can be caused by many factors.

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Snoring can be caused by the following factors.

  1. Studies show that age is a major factor that leads to snoring. Researchers have shown that as you grow your throat narrows and the muscle tones that are in your throat decreases therefore increasing the chances of snoring.
  2. Researchers have shown that different people were built differently. Researchers try to show that men have a narrower throat than women and this can lead to snoring too. Some studies also argue that the snoring problem can be inherited.
  3. Another major factor that causes snoring is problems related to the nose and the sinus. Some people snore because their airways are blocked-this happens when there are difficulties in inhalation that eventually lead to snoring.
  4. Another common cause of snoring is being overweight or obese. Studies have shown that some fat tissues can be formed on the walls of the throat in an obese person. These fat tissues may decrease the diameter of the throat and hence leading to some breathing problems that later translates into snoring.
  5. Uncontrolled alcohol consumption, smoking and the abuse other drugs can also lead to snoring. These drugs can increase the relation of throat muscles and this can lead to smoking too.
  6. Some sleeping postures can also lead to smoking. Sleeping flat on your back can cause the tissues of your throat to be relaxed and this can block the airway and this can also lead to snoring.
  7. Other health conditions like asthma can also lead to snoring in the patients. The patients sometimes produce a very loud noise that can wake ten families.


Some of the symptoms of snoring include;

  1. A lot of dizziness and sleepiness during the day
  2. Some people can experience severe headaches in the morning after waking up
  3. Some people can feel very tired in the morning after waking up
  4. Some strange feelings can be experienced after waking up
  5. You can also start losing memory and your concentration level can also be reduced.

You can also observe some pauses in breath when you are asleep.

sdfdsThe treatment progress of any snorer mainly depends on the observations from room partners or bed mates. When your partner tells you that you are making noises at night don’t be worried, just visit your personal doctor and he will help you control the snoring problem. All the treatments of snoring mainly revolve around the throat. Most procedure target the clearing of the throat and removing any blockage that is narrowing the throat below normal. There are many appliances that have been developed to control snoring. Some of these devices include dental appliances and the use of the Continuous Positive Airway Machines. Surgery can also be performed on the patient’s throat. An example of a surgery procedure that controls snoring is The Uvulopalatopharyngoplasty procedure-which is a procedure that attempts to widen the throat of a snoring-patient by removing some tissues from the throat linings. Another common surgery procedure is the Radiofrequency ablation which is a procedure that applies some radioactive energy and heat to the tissues of the throat. Another common method of snoring treatment is the Pillar Procedure which is also a procedure that attempts to widen the throat and it can be very effective too. Some medicines like Pseudoephedrine and Domperidone are used in the treatment of very severe snoring.

Some of the natural ways of reducing include; doing more exercises- this is for people who have an above-than-normal weight, eating foods that have a low amount of calories and avoiding smoking and consumption of alcohol. You can also modify your lifestyle by changing your sleeping positions and also attending some sleeping-postion training lessons. You should also avoid the use of sleeping pills and tranquilizers before sleeping. You can also establish regular patterns of sleeping.

The process of treating should be well monitored to ensure that you are progressing well. Your bed partner should always take his all her time to observe you as you sleep. If you are using the physical methods to control snoring, you should be calm and not in haste since the final results are not abrupt. If you control your snoring habits you will also have a peaceful relationship with your partner because many marriages have turned sour just because one partner has a problem in snoring. Therefore we should also not traumatize other people especially children and women who snore. We should handle them with care and help them solve the snoring problem.


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